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Business & Tax Entity Selection

Choosing the Right Entity:

LLC, Partnership, C & S Corporations, Sole Proprietorship

Douglas Rutherford, CPA, CGMA, CPLA

Tax Entity Selection

As a CPA, my clients frequently ask what entity should they form for their business or investment activity.  Should it be an S corporation? How about an LLC? I plan to raise capital, does that matter? I am planning to purchase several single-family homes… should I form a C corporation?

Obviously answering the question of entity choice is best answered sooner than later, but issues like income taxes, legal protection, partners, ease of doing business, and many others can make choosing the right entity complicated.

The right entity can even slash your tax burden while providing legal protection against creditors and lawsuits.  The right entity could entitle you to deduct 100% of your medical expenses saving you and your family not only income taxes but self-employment tax.

With our new Business and Tax Entity Selection Guide, you can get the help you need to make the right choice. Our 105-page guide walks you through the advantages and disadvantages of each entity type:

We compare and contrast each entity and provide the necessary guidance to help you make the right entity choice for your new or existing business.

Sole Proprietorships


Single-Member LLCs

Multi-Member LLCs

Corporations and


We have also included comprehensive easy-to-read comparison of advantages/disadvantages summaries:

Appendix A Side-by-Side Comparison of Entity Choices

Appendix B Self-Employment & FICA Tax Treatment of Pass-Through Income

Appendix C Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Entity

Appendix D Summary of Available Corporate Entities

Appendix E Summary Comparison of Various Partnership/LLC Entities

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Business and Tax Entity Selection

Making the Right Choice
by Douglas Rutherford, CPA, CGMA