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Real estate analysis software for real estate investors, agents and brokers to determine
cash flow, investment return, and print over 32 colorful presentational-quality reports.

Cash Flow Analyzer®
Real Estate Investment Analysis Software

Know if you should buy, sell
or just keep looking. ®

Real Estate Investment Analysis

For Long-Term Rental Investors

Single-Family, Residential, Apartments & Commercial

Cash Flow Analyzer ®
Pro Software


Easily enter a property’s financial information and our real estate investment software automatically calculates cash flow and rates-of-return.  Quickly see up to 20 years of cash flow projection. Then, use our built-in tool to “solve backwards” for the optimal offer price.  Afterwards, create reports for banks and limited/private-money partners.

Flipper Software

For House Flippers and Rehabbers

Single-Family & Residential Properties

Flipper ® and Rehabber ®
Pro Software


Avoid costly mistakes! Only beginner flippers make the mistake of just taking the sales price and subtracting the purchase price to project profit. Hopefully, they only do it once. Use our software to avoid many costly lessons. Use our solve-backwards tool to know the exact offer price and easily print reports to send to lenders, investors or clients.

Cash Flow Analyzer
Sample Investment Report Package

Analysis Software Cover

Flipper and Rehabber Software
Sample Investment Report Package

Analysis Software Cover

Print over 32 colorful presentational-quality reports.

Our software calculates all of these real estate financial metrics automatically.

  •   Before and After Income Tax Presentations
  •   Annual Ownership Percentage
  •   Break-Even Ratio
  •   Cash-on-Cash Return
  •   Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate)
  •   Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR)
  •   Debt-to-Equity Ratio (DER)
  •   Operating Expense Ratio
  •   Internal-Rate-of-Return (IRR)
  •   Modified-Internal-Rate-of-Return (MIRR)
  •   Gross Rent Multiplier (Monthly) (GRM)
  •   Gross Rent Multiplier (Annual)
  •   Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)
  •   Net Operating Income (NOI)
  •   Net Present Value (NPV)
  •   Plus so much more!

Real Estate Partner Analysis Software

Critical Module for Presenting to
Potential Investment Partners

Trying to raise capital for your real estate deals?   Instantly calculate and present a deal illustrating a partner’s potential real estate profit and rates of return based on the equity invested.

Cash Flow Analyzer Software Preferred Returns on Cash Flow

Cash Flow Analyzer Software Preferred Returns on Invested Capital

Cash Flow Analyzer Software Manager’s Rate of Return

Cash Flow Analyzer Software Memorandum Summary Included

Cash Flow Analyzer Software Minimum (Guaranteed) Returns

Cash Flow Analyzer Software Before-Tax Presentations

Cash Flow Analyzer Software After-Tax Presentations

Cash Flow Analyzer Software Sources & Uses Statement

Cash Flow Analyzer Software Personalized and Professional Reports

Cash Flow Analyzer Software IRA, Roth & 401(k) Presentations

Analyze Real Estate Investments Owned in
IRA, Roth and 401(k) Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Retirement accounts can own investment property but the account may be subject to what is called the Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT).  In other words, if you own property in an IRA, you may have to pay federal income tax on the IRA’s real estate investment earnings.

With a click of a button, our IRA module calculates the potential UBIT (if any) before you make the purchase so you can compare the after-tax returns.  Quickly see which way to hold title to your property!

The IRA module component is also built into the partner module so you can present to prospective partners who want to use their retirement accounts to invest in real estate.

Analyze different types of properties!

Residential Real Estate Investing

Residential Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Investing Software

Commerical Real Estate

Apartment Multifamily Investing

Apartment and Multifamily
Real Estate

Over 1,000,000 use our software to buy, sell
and evaluate real estate investments.

  •    Individual Investors
  •    Real Estate Agents
  •    Real Estate Brokers
  •    Accountants
  •    Bankers & Lenders
  •    Appraisers

Quick & Easy Real Estate Analysis

Our real estate investment software is an affordable and easy-to-use tool that helps investors and real estate agents choose the right investment properties. Know if you should buy, sell, or if you should just keep looking®.

Quickly enter a property’s financial information and the software automatically calculates cash flow and rates-of-return every year up to 20 years. Use our built-in tools to “solve backwards” for the optimal offer price, do an IRA investment comparison, or create reports for limited/private-money partners.

real estate software spreadsheet

Report & Presentation Customization

Easily insert property photos, your logo and contact information to make stunning presentations.  Choose from over 32 colorful reports to share with partners, investors and lenders.

Don’t Just Take Our Word!

Now Over 1,000,000 Downloads!   Landlords, income-property investors, real estate developers, real estate agents, brokers and others.  They are all in the residential and commercial industry across the USA, Canada and other foreign countries.  They all choose to use the Cash Flow Analyzer® and Flipper’s® software.

Don’t just take our word for it! Read magazine reviews and our customer testimonials.  You, too, can make better investments by using the financial real estate analysis software.

Cash Flow Analyzer Reviews
Real Estate Partner Presentations

Hands-On Assistance Available

Need coaching and help with decision making? Try our Coaching Service.  We offer a personal, one-on-one WebEx meeting just with you.  We train you and answer all your questions.

Know Who is Behind
the Software Before You Buy!

The point of buying real estate investment software is to use the software to make good, sound investment decisions.  So, knowing the qualifications of the team is essential in evaluating which software tool to purchase.  Be careful of buying a software package from non-financial, software programmers that simply copy and mimic software designed by someone who actually understands a real estate investor’s needs.

Douglas Rutherford, MTX, CPA, CGMA, CPLA not only is a real estate investor and understands numbers; he designed the software’s output to be in a concise, intuitive format for all to understand.  We invite you to read the many stories written by other successful real estate investors who use the Cash Flow Analyzer.  Software Testimonials

Douglas Rutherford CPA, CGMA, CPLA

Douglas Rutherford, MTX, CPA, CGMA, CPLA

The decision-making tool you’ve been searching
for to help you choose the right properties.

Cash Flow Analyzer ® Pro Software

Flipper ® and Rehabber ® Pro Software

Real Estate Investment Software