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Gene Trowbridge It’s a Whole New Business

Gene Trowbridge’s 3rd Edition of
It’s a Whole New Business!

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A Manual and Guide Book to Real Estate Syndication, the SEC Rules, Available Entity Structures, Offering Documents, and Investment Presentations

Learn the right way to raise private money for your real estate deals!

This is the definitive and essential text on creating and sponsoring real estate investment groups. Written by Gene Trowbridge, whose law practice is focused on the complex permissible aspects of these kinds of securities, it is a concise, easily understood and practical guide on how to proceed. And, it contains all the basics you need to grasp in US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations governing this kind of investment.

The text includes details of the SEC’s new rules governing the Jobs Act. Long term, this federal legislation is likely to be a game-changer in the syndication of commercial real estate. Regulation A+, finalized just before publication, may provide an important new capital-raising option for smaller companies. The portion of the Act that has been in force since September 2013, allowing for public advertising of fundraising, is also thoroughly examined.

Other topics include:

  • Do you want to be in the syndication business?
  • Understanding Tenant-in-Common interests
  • Group ownership entities you may use
  • Securities laws you need to know
  • Income tax and accounting issues
  • The Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
  • How a Group Sponsor makes money
  • Forming and operating your next group investment

Gene Trowbridge’s 3rd (Third) Edition of
It’s a Whole New Business!

Only $24!

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Author Gene Trowbridge, Esq., CCIM, works as a lawyer for and consultant to individuals and organizations engaged in group sponsorships and conducts seminars and workshops throughout the country. He has also been a distinguished and popular member of the CCIM faculty since 1979, helping to shepherd exceptional practitioners to a professional designation that has been called the Ph.D. of commercial real estate. He has been a group sponsor representing over 850 investors in sixteen real estate syndications.