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Cash Flow Analyzer Software ®

Learning how to use the leading real estate investment software

Cash Flow Analyzer Pro

View an instructional tour of our leading real estate investment software: The Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer.

PDF Reports / Printing

Emailing reports with our free PDF software, and printing reports using our built-in print menu.

Entering Company
Logo and Information

Inserting your name, company logo and information into your reports and analysis.
(Personalizing your presentations)

Inserting Photos

Inserting property photos into your reports and analysis.

Solve Backwards for
Optimal Purchase Price

Solving backwards for the optimal offer price and more,
(Using the Goal Seeking tool)

the Partner Module

Understand how the partner module works
in the Cash Flow Analyzer software.

Flipper’s Software

Being Updated for new version.

Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

What is Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?
(Practical Discussion and Examples)

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