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“I recently put together a $15 million real estate deal using your software that is scheduled to close within 30 days.  You have a great product and unbelievable support!!”

Yale Realty Mobile Home Real Estate Advisors

James Cook
Yale Realty & Capital Advisors
Lake City, FL 32025

“I just wanted to write a short note to let you know how happy I am with your Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer. This program is simple to use and very reasonably priced. It’s a nice change when you can start using a program right away rather than spending hours learning how to use a new program.

I highly recommend your software for anyone looking for quality investment analysis software.”

Remax Commercial

Marc Oram, CCIM
RE/MAX Commercial Associates
 Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Since I found the Cash Flow Analyzer, my presentations have gotten stronger and much more compelling. I feel more confident when talking to my clients about the investment properties we represent.

I’ve seen many different software programs over the years and none of them are as easy to use, or produce such great-looking, comprehensive results!

Without a doubt worth every penny!”

Paramount Properties

Chris DeSelms
Founder and CEO
Paramount Enterprises Unlimited LLC
Cincinnati, OH

“Many years ago, after completing the first four Commercial Institute courses, I realized that tools are indeed the foundation in which to build a successful commercial real estate business.

The Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer has provided the ability to make professional presentations within minutes regardless if I am working on a 4-plex or 300 unit project. The variable’s and “what if’s” this software provides makes it possible to “seize the moment” in a presentation.

I have searched (to no avail) to find any software with the comprehensive, easy-to-use capabilities that your Cash Flow Analyzer provides.  Thank You!”

Realtor Lori Webb Carroll

Lori Webb-Carroll
Windermere Real Estate
 Palm Desert San Pablo Office
44-530 San Pablo Ave  Suite 101
Palm Desert, CA 92260

“I’ve been using your Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer Pro for several months now. Wow! Very easy to input and to update data, and the end result are very impressive reports.

I’ve analyzed various properties and scenarios for my Realtors and investment clients using your program, they were as impressed with how complete and informative the reports were as well as with my ability to produce such documents.

Thank you, you make me look very professional. Great product.”

Pacific Western Real Estate

Alex Chuzhoy
Commercial & Residential Financing
Tri-Bay Financial Group, Inc.
 San Francisco, CA

“My investment partner and I had been searching everywhere for a comprehensive, easy to use, piece of software to help us make wise decisions. It seemed that nothing came close to the kind of analysis we were looking for and we were even beginning to think we’d have to pay a programmer to develop a custom solution… Until now. WOW.

We can now do in a matter of minutes what was taking us DAYS to do with our cobbled together spreadsheets.

This product is a STEAL for the wealth of information it generates.  Thank you so much!”

Luxury Real Estate

Tony Simmons
Los Angeles, CA
Luxury Real Estate Abound

“The fundamental foundation of my real estate investing success is how successful I am at understanding a property’s cash flow before investing. I have used the Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer software for many years and recommend it to all of my newsletter subscribers. Be prudent and purchase the Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer for yourself… there is no doubt that you will save time, money and avoid costly errors!”

Jeffrey Taylor Mr. Landlord

Jeffrey Taylor is the CEO of Mr. Landlord, Inc.

“Douglas Rutherford, CPA’s Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer and Flipper’s Cash Flow Analyzer are must have software tools – from beginners to expert real estate investors. Everyone will benefit from his easy-to-use software programs that allow you to determine whether to hold or to sell. These are indispensable tools for the investor and I highly recommend this software. Real estate investing is all about the numbers and these systems enable you to accurately determine exactly where your margins are and how to maximize revenue and minimize costs. Anyone who knows anything about real estate knows you must have these fundamental tools in your tool chest.”

Darius Barazandeh

Darius M. Barazandeh, Attorney at Law/MBA – Finance
Author of Top Rated Real Estate Investment Systems

“When I am either speaking at real estate conferences across the country, or dealing with investors one-on-one, I am always recommending the Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer software. This software is an absolute necessity for successful real estate investing. With this software, you can crunch the numbers and understand how a property will cash flow within minutes…. saving tons of time and money and avoiding costly errors. What is important to me is that the software is user-friendly as I don’t want to have to re-invent the wheel perfecting something that is already awesome to use.”

Rister Real Estate

Scott Rister is a seasoned real estate investor and national speaker.

“The Landlord Cash Flow Analyzer is worth its wait in gold. It takes all the guess work out of evaluating real estate property for investment. All the pertinent investment ratios are there. The absolute, best part about the software, is that it’s very, very, very simple to use.

I wouldn’t make an investment purchase without it!

Derosa Group Real Estate

Matt Faircloth
The DeRosa Group
 Bordentown , NJ

“As an investor, I need reliable and accurate analysis on potential properties. The Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer is my most trusted tool. Not only am I able to quickly ascertain the value of the potential project, I am able to create investor-friendly presentations in minutes.”

Jade Real Estate Holdings Investments

Eugene Korsunsky
JADE Holdings & Investment Company
 San Jose, CA

“The Landlord Cash Flow Analyzer is worth its wait in gold. It takes all the guess work out of evaluating real estate property for investment. All the pertinent investment ratios are there. The absolute, best part about the software, is that it’s very, very, very simple to use.

I wouldn’t make an investment purchase without it!

Royal Adventure Wholesale Real Estate

Ted Takai III
Vice President
Royal Adventure Wholesale
Honolulu, HI

“I am a CPA and seasoned real estate developer.  As such, it seems that I have used every financial model or worksheet on the planet.  I have found that the Cash Flow Analyzer Software is the most comprehensive and effective model for our industry. The software is user-friendly and can size up an opportunity quickly.

We have used the software with great success and will always use it in our business.”

Savannah Developer Real Estate

Timothy Baumann
Savannah Developers
Richardson, TX

Canada Real Estate Investment

Eric Klimstra
Kitchener, ON Canada

Canada Real Estate

Mike Milovick
Kitchener, ON Canada

“My partner and I run a real estate investment and development company. I can’t tell you how valuable this software is to our business. It has increased our efficiency so much. Even with the economy in the state it is in, this software comes through with accurate, dependable reports so we know if we should go forward on a property or keep looking. Thanks for making a superb product at a cost that most anyone in this business can afford.”

Matt Risner
Empyrean Investment and Development
Pullman, WA

“I now have my broker and his entire staff using Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer.  He’s a sharp guy, and was good-naturedly jealous that my analyses were better and more complete than his on a couple of investment properties.  I showed him your software; the rest is history!”

Jim Madaris Millbrook, AL

“My compliments on an excellent and very friendly application! I’m using it to assist my new client, a group of investors who wish to screen a lot of distressed condos for acquisition and turning into rentals for long-term hold. I really like the way I can goal seek and do what-ifs to determine the maximum price they can pay and still meet their return requirements.”

Gary Richards,Broker
Prudential Real Estate Professionals
Commercial Services Division
Salem, OR

“I have to say that (your software) is superb and quite helpful in my business. Its certainly what I’ve been looking for!”

Michael Sweitzer
Rye, New York

“Your software rocks!”

Neil Norton Decatur, GA

“I tremendously enjoy the software. Over the years I came up with my own and must admit I was pretty much happy with the results.  Now I must sadly admit, with the Landlord’s & Flipper’s Cash Flow Analyzer Pro it’s night and day in the quality of my analysis. The software is intelligent & intuitive, plainly put: Indispensable with instant credibility.  Thanks.”

Regis F Neary
Lutz, FL

“I recently used your software with two banks and they both said that it was the best presentation that they had seen in a long time.  I love your software!”

Matthew McCarthy
Parma, OH

“Your product is incredibly helpful with analysis and presentations.”

Tai DeSa
Gilbert PA

“I’m a mortgage broker & real estate investor, and this software is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Your software will help me evaluate properties by showing me if I have a positive or negative cash flow.”

San Diego, CA

“Before buying something like this online, I wanted to make sure I was dealing with a reputable, live company.  Doug has the only site that I saw that posts a toll-free number to encourage calls.  Doug, thanks for walking me through my questions.  Your software is great!”

Austin, TX

“As a beginning investor in Real Estate, I was searching high and low for software that could provide me the analysis I needed. I finally decided to create my own spreadsheet when I came across The Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer. This is a FANTASTIC program! The tech support that came with it was even better!!! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is investing in or managing Real Estate. No need to spend tons of cash for other programs when The Landlord’s Cash Flow Analyzer does it all.”

Rich R.
San Diego, CA

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