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Free Cash Flow Analysis Audio

By Douglas Rutherford, CPA, CGMA, CPLA

We hope listening to our free audios will give you some insight into cash flow analysis as well as explain some of the concepts and terms used in evaluating investment properties.

Even though this may be the best buying opportunity we have seen in our lifetime, not every property makes a good investment. It’s important to run the numbers—a process which can be difficult and cumbersome without the aid of software.

Determining if a property will cash flow is critical to being a successful real estate investor. To determine cash flow, you need to understand the very basics of cash flow analysis. With this audio, you will learn about some of the key real estate financial ratios such as cap rate, cash-on-cash return & internal rate of return (IRR) … and learn how they are calculated, what they mean, and when to use them.

Please feel free to download the audio.